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Photo by Eidy Bambang-Sunaryo on Unsplash

“A profound awareness of the universe that triggers feelings too deep and mysterious for words” — Word Porn (AKA — Ann’s Personal Muse)

It’s a real thing.

It’s the breath you catch when you look at the stars and one falls just for you.

It’s the bubble of love you feel when you look at New Life — your newborn child, frantic puppy kisses, a fawn tucked in by her momma. Tears at the unspeakable Magic of It All. Life out of Nothing.

It’s the forest sounds at night, by the lake as your campfire crackles in the background. Peepers/Owls/Crickets all singing you their lullaby as the fresh scent of Mother Nature fills you and you feel Her surround you.

It’s the touch of the surf at your ankles as your toes sink in the sand. The sky turning pink/orange/red as the sun rises slowly on another day as you walk along the edge of The World and Hope is born — faithfully — each day.

It’s the blessing of a garden — cared for and grown from seed to harvest over a season. Small tender plants nurtured into strong stalks producing food. Food enough to feed a family. As magical as Jack’s beans — The Goddess showing off Her Best Stuff.

It’s all of us. Everywhere. Whenever we stop and breath in The Magic of Our World. Stop — Smell The Roses.

Take a moment of Yugen. Let yourself sense how deeply The Universe feels about you as well.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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