Your response made me smile. Moon Beam — I pray I am correct in my assumption that you have never had a moment of self consciousness or doubt when faced with a room full of strangers or people whose intentions towards you were unclear.

That is the vibe of it all — to be able to look that Beast in the face & not give a fuck. To not let the opinions of others sway you — to not need to conform who you are to fit into a box of another’s making simply to be ‘liked’. I sincerely hope you have never felt this and had to make the choice — be liked or be real.

Chose real. And then decide — Do I like these people? Are they worth the effort I would put forth to make them part of my world? Are they worthy of My Fucks? Sometimes the answer is no.

The room can be a conference room of coworkers — a seminar — a presentation — a social affair — a class — or our own family reunion.

Any place two or more gather — we get to choose — I don’t have to bend into a anyone else’s shape to ‘be liked’. I just have to be.

I get to decide. My Choice.

That is what this is about. Are you willing to give yourself away for people you don’t know on the chance their opinion counts?

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned