Your post made me smile. For anyone who knows me in real life would understand. Those grandchildren & I color & swing on swings together. I embrace 60 because my mother died at 55 and I feel blessed to have lived to Crone wisdom and had these years she didn’t. I retire from a long nursing career eager to find a brand new chapter of my life — perhaps to even become a yoga instructor. No — none of those words hold the typical meaning western society attaches to them — be assured.

I have embraced the wisdom that comes from living fully. I am thankful for each day.

Just last weekend — I spent Saturday night out dancing with friends filling my soul with joy and the sounds of live music. I sold my motorcycle last year due to the fact it needed expensive repairs — but I still have all my gear because I have not ruled out getting another one. I have an appointment in a couple weeks to get my fourth tattoo. I have purple hair. My love life is the best it’s ever been.

No — I am not nearly used up at all. But I am a 60 year-old-grandmother who is about to retire. And that truth of my life does not make me old or used up. I do not want to pretend this is the ‘new’ thirty because as a thirty-year-old I was in much poorer health and I was not nearly so wise. I had no power in my life.

I am this woman now. Society will not use any words to define me. I use my own words.

I am a Crone. And it is the very best part of my life.

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