You will find your way. The Universe has this. She always throws us the most interesting plot twists.

I’m still on FB — but my timeline is all about the warm fuzzies. FB’s algorithm is kinda fabulous that way — they feed you what you want to see. I’ve used this superpower for good. I get ads for mala beads & yoga retreats. I hide every single post from any humane society or about any abused animal my friends might post — amazingly — less and less of those appear on my timeline. I only follow pages from spiritual warm fuzzy people — like Whispers From The Soul — who give me affirmations to share.

FB — as with all of our life — can be looked at as a glass half full. In fact, one of the best lessons I ever learned from FB is to keep my mouth shut. People don’t want to hear what you have to say. They just want you to know what their opinion is — often couched as fact.

To those people I have learned — thank you FB — to just let be wrong. And to keep scrolling. It has been a most zen lesson in how to build boundaries peacefully. It cost me a few relationships before I sorted it out — but since I am anchovy — those people were never going to like me anyway. I learned the people who loved me — just like people who love anchovies — REALLY are obsessed and devoted to anchovies. And to me as well.

Me & The Universe — we are FB friends. True story. LOL ❤.

Good luck with All. The. Things. ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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