You Still Fix The Roof

The difference between letting go and giving up

Photo by John Middelkoop on Unsplash

I have had an analogy in my mind for quite some time regarding the difference between letting go and giving up. Perhaps it’s because I live in The South where ‘Hurricanes R Us’ is the theme from June 1 to November 1. But if you care to read on, I’ll share my ponderings.

The difference between letting go and giving up is simple.

If you live in The South there is one fact of life and you understand all the way down to the atomic level of your body.

You cannot control the weather.

The mild tropical depression which is just a blip off the coast of Africa on Sunday afternoon may very well be a Category 5 Hurricane with a name blowing across your doorstep by 3 AM Saturday morning. And nothing you can do or say is going to impact this outcome.


If you have a loose shingle and a leaky roof — you can fix it. Or you can just throw your hands up in the air in despair and let the rain fall on your head until the whole roof collapses around you. You can give up.

You can blame the manufacturer of the shingles. You can blame the roofer. You can blame Mother Nature. You can blame climate change.

Or you can fix the roof.

Even understanding that tropical depression might very well become a Category 5 hurricane and rip the whole damn roof off when it arrives. You just don’t know. You sit in uncertainty about the outcome of said storm. Unable to control it.

However, you still fix the roof. You don’t give up. You just let go.

See how this works?


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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