You speak great truths. One of my most beloved friends from my youth & I used to discuss politics. All. The. Time. We had opposing views on many issues - but we were both human, humane, and respectful in our ability to agree AND disagree on key issues. That ended the last time he visited and at 2 am was defending breaking up families and putting children in cages to somehow protect America. When he started shouting at me about it - I left the room & went to bed without a backward glance. His shouting had woken his wife in the guest room and he became afraid I might throw them out of my home. I didn't because I care greatly about them both. However, they were not invited back and I know he could never see why my position was valid. And a human being. Many have traded in their human being card to be simply Americans. Even my friends from the right feel I am not rabid enough for these times. I simply refuse to loose faith in Her. She plays the long game. Everything has a purpose. And perhaps the purpose was in part to free us from the need to keep our true beliefs to ourselves so we are always regarded as politie company. Perhaps She is shaking up our youth the way She shakes all women up at menapause. Perhaps it's long past time for Humans to pay attention to what's important.

I agree with all you have said. I began to read The Handmaiden's Tale last week and found myself sick to my stomach. I couldn't even get past chapter 6.

Make no mistake, I will do all in my power to make sure that is not my granddaughters' future. But I will also remember that Ghandi brought about great social change. Mother Teresa is sainted for her love. Because "An eye for an eye - makes the whole world blind". It is difficult to tell others that inspite of all events - I still believe in the power of peace and love to heal.

I believe in holding boundaries against those who threaten my peace & my ability to show love.

I believe in Humanity at it's core, and The Divine for the big picture.

I don't believe any of this is easy. <3

I love chatting with you so much, Dear Dennett. Your attitude of gratitude is contagious. Thank you for being in my world. <3

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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