You forgot the college loan debt thing which puts the young into ‘debt to the company store’ at the beginning of their lives. I’m almost 60. My last college loan will be paid in full when I’m 65. I had to get a bachelor’s degree after being a nurse for over 15 years (ICU and OR — read HIGHLY SKILLED RN) so that I could qualify to drive a desk as a case manager. And the thing the very expensive on-line BSN course taught me (because no full time nurse can actually attend real college)- how to use power point. Yep. That’s it. Not one damn thing about being a nurse which I did not already know.

It was a rule. Put in place by someone who wanted to sell BSN degrees to a captive audience. If I wanted a J.O.B. as a nurse with a humane schedule — I had to buy the BSN. And go into debt.

Like so many other professions out there.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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