You crawl out the same way you eat an elephant. One bite - one step at a time. <3 Most times you can't see progress - but you keep chewing - you keep climbing. In my own life - I called this being in the swamp. Where every footstep pulls against you and you either keep moving or sink in the quicksand. There's a small light shining over there - miles away - and the effort to reach it is taking all I have and more. Back then I had no idea if I would ever reach the light as it seemed to keep moving away from as fast as I slogged towards it. Then one day - it happened. I was out of the swamp and standing back in the sunshine. My time walking in the swamp taught me a lot, gave me a lot of new skills. NONE of which I really cared to have.

Just keep taking one baby step at a time - just keep chewing. <3

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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