“You can’t take criticism from people who are not being brave.” — Brene Brown

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How often do we do just this? Listen to others who do not Dare Greatly or Live Bravely?

We know the people throwing shit at us are total and complete hot messes. They might dance with their demons on social media, air their dirty laundry at the office, or tear apart every Human in their world just to feel better about themselves.

We can recognize all that — but we still let the barb of what they say to us penetrate.


It’s a question I have asked myself on many occasions.

Especially since opening up chapters of My Life and writing here on Medium — literally inviting people who have never met me to comment on My Story. The Story which I have been telling myself for six decades.

But being Brave isn’t about other people. It’s about you. You can stay inside. Inside your home, inside your comfort zone, inside your head, inside your heart and never ever risk a damn thing.

However, if you do — you will never be free. You might always feel safe, but you will be challenged by Life over and over again to step into Brave. The lesson always comes back to us — gives us the opportunity to be more. To learn.

In my experience, the scariest part of being Brave is this — you have to let yourself be vulnerable. You have to take the risk. Be the first to say, “I love you”. Hit publish on your story. Apply for the new job. Move to another state. Retire early. Ride a motorcycle. Jump out of a plane.

Do the thing your inner knowing is urging you to do. Listen to Her. She is giving you the key to unlocking your own personal Bravery.

Do not listen to the people around you who are still “inside” and safe — warning you away from being Brave because they cannot tolerate your freedom. Let them wallow in stagnation. Understand everything anyone ever says to you always comes from their own story. Always.

It is never about us. Ever.

“Never interrupt someone doing something you said couldn’t be done.” — Amelia Earhart


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