You are so very welcome! And nurse's tip here: Water is the best thing - but anything that is liquid at room temperature also counts as a 'fluid'. Ice. Italian Ice. Popsicles. Even Jello. While some will have sugar and won't be as wonderful as just plain old water - if you find you just can't 'stomach' the taste of nothingness - they can be alternatives. As can tea - I love me some green & herbal teas. I look a good 10-15 years younger than I am. I have always drank water as my 'drink of choice' - I tell people to moisturize from the INSIDE. It's way cheaper! And works much better. When I do have some tequila - I drink TWICE as much water because alcohol will dehydrate you in a hot second and I'm too old & too wise for hangovers. ;)

Glad you're feeling better friend! <3

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned