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As I was driving home from work the other night, I pondered my day. And hoped to get some insights from my experiences. Life is like that most of the time. If you slow down enough to hear — The Universe is happy to speak to you and let you in on All The Things. You will be given the “Ah Ha” moments.

Some examples from my day:

When you spend half your day completely competent, but then you’re thrown a major curve ball and you end up feeling like you can’t find your ass with both hands. You learn you are both things. Capable and humble. In the same day. At the same time. Within seconds of each other.

When you read something so touchingly true and beautiful it takes your breath away. And you cry a bit. You learn the truth will make your heart ache from all the places it touches, but it will also set you free. At the same time. Within seconds of each other.

When you have to hold firm boundaries with a someone who has crossed the line and you feel your Inner Warrior pull up strong and fierce, preparing for battle. But instead of going to war, you recieve an apology. And because ‘thou art fucked up as well’ — you feel the stirrings of sympathy in your heart. At the same time. Within seconds of each other.

Balance. Confidence and Humility. Pain and Joy. Dark and Light.

Do not long for a one sided relationship with life. Embrace all of it. Find the balance and walk the tight rope of your existence. This is the only way to keep putting one foot in front of the other — moving forward on your path. To aknowledge only The Light or only The Dark is guaranteed to lead to a fall.

Anyone who has watched Star Wars knows the truth of this.

The Universe is held together not just by one side of the emotional paradox. It is the complex duality of life which binds space and time together.

“Don’t underestimate the Force.” — Darth Vader


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned