Years ago — a young scrub tech & I were setting up for a case in the OR. My younger and much prettier/nicer/more petite colleague came in to give a hand briefly then moved on to other things. The young anesthesia resident in the room commented on her looks and All. The. Things. that were right with her but wrong with older women. Without meaning to — a Deep Sigh slipped out of me at his complete shallowness and My Invisibility to him. I might even had said something to the effect of — “Hello — standing right here — I can hear you.”

My Beloved Scrub Tech turned to me and said — “Well, she might be younger — but you are WAY more interesting. And I will taking interesting over THAT any day of the week.” He was sincere. Since that day — I have leaned into My Interesting — because THAT is what makes ME Unique.

Not that I’m wishing it the ex-BF or anything…but ED is a real thing for men when they enter their 50’s & Karma is a real bitch. Men who put all their self worth into their penis — well — they just don’t take that whole aging thing well at all. Just sayin’.

Thank you for such a great read! As Always!

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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