Yeah. I suppose. At this point in time — I’ve stopped talking to men in general because — if I’m going to be blamed for their bad behavior by society — they can chat up someone else. I don’t really want to hear about anyone’s spouse. Yours or his — personal relationships of any kind — as far as I’m concerned are not really topics of conversations for complete strangers.

I understand — you’re married. I used to be married. I was also stuck listening to a man expound about his most favorite thing. Without end.

Don’t think for a minute I entertain any of that shit anymore. It isn’t even close to that sort of thing. Mention of the Mrs. is casually dropped like a bomb out of the blue into any topic that might be happening.

It’s just a quirk I’ve noticed happens a lot. Women don’t mention their men nearly as often. Though since I wrote this I have been watching for that too and it does happen some. Probably more to the men they meet.

I think it’s part of the pair bonding thing in truth.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned