Writing Is Less Important

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  1. The World — The environment, all Her creatures, all Her lands, all Her seas, all Her ecosystems. All. The. Things. I need to pay attention to my surroundings and not live obliviously in the tidy virtual world of cyberland. It’s way past time to deal with the trash.
  2. Your Health — Trust me when I tell you this — when you’re sitting in an emergency room wondering what the next step is — writing about it isn’t really what’s going through your mind. You want Your People. You want A Tomorrow. You want Your Old Life back. The one you had just hours ago when you walked out of work to your car. You want to go outside and breathe fresh air. You aren’t the least bit interested in your laptop.
  3. Security — Physical, emotional, spiritual. It’s knowing in Your Heart and Soul, you are going to be ok. Even if the shit hits the fan — and it will. Even if the tests are bad — and sometimes they are. Even if you aren’t in control — because you’re not. You are grounded in Real Life. With Real People. In The Now with a Real Connection to Life.
  4. Love — I left Love for last because it’s the most important. Love is THE most important thing ever. If you can sort that out, numbers 1–4 are a chip shot. And you become ok with the rest of Your Life coming at you as it will. Including The Muse — should She show up or should She take a siesta — it just fails to matter.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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