Writers write what they know. I believe when women have deeper experiences with their lives — you see the shift you long for. I have no trouble finding pieces written by women which are written from deep inside their souls — from their Walk On The Path. Whatever that Walk might entail. As mundane as feeding their child mashed carrots or as profound as riding a wild Arabian across a desert. I can feel their lives jump out at me on the pages. But then for me — Magic exists in our everyday. Every fucking day I’m alive is some sort of never before written blank page of My Life. When I write and chose to share any piece of it — it is a gift I give to anyone who reads it. I feel just as honored when someone does that for me. We are all taking baby steps to our deeper selves.

It’s taken me a long time to believe I could be safe sharing any of that in a public forum. So there is that as well. Many women keep so much of themselves locked up tight and safe after years — decades of trauma at the hands of the world.

We might have very good reasons to be cautious about who we share our stories with.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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