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I’ve been pondering words lately. I spend a lot of time cozied up to my thesaurus choosing just the right word with just the right feel for the post I’m writing and it made me think about words. And all the ways we use them.

Words said in anger or tenderness impart a profound impact on the recipient. Giving someone the silent treatment and withholding words from them is one of the cruelest of punishments in our culture. On the opposite scale — we cheer for our kids and favorite teams — wherever our passions lie. Usually with robust enthusiasm and volume. Words convey our emotional rainbow.

Your word is your bond. You are as good as your word. Both are cliches for honesty. The spoken word is that important to the human animal. We rejoice at our children’s first word and spend hours of our lives teaching them to speak. Unconsciously so — holding up objects and repeating names of things, actions, emotions to them. Even slightly older children will ‘teach’ words to younger siblings. Words are the foundation we build our communication fortress upon.

I’m also a witch and to us — words, spoken out loud become self fulfilling prophecies. Spells muttered are no more than that — energy sent out, a wish, a prayer, a meditation, a thought whispered into the void — and I bet you all have seen it happen. Things change. The world is impacted by the words. Serendipity comes into play. Life rearranges itself. Miracles arrive. Words are magic.

In my yoga and meditation practice, listening to the words of my teachers has taken me deep inside myself. I have visited areas of my soul I never knew existed. I have felt myself loosen and heal traumas. I have found strength and kindness through the words of others. Words light the path.

And finally here, there are our words. Stories of our insights, our feelings, and our struggles shared together in the written word. A ‘Medium’ where we hold our own space and share it with kindred souls. Words build community.

Today — may your world be filled with kind words, honest words, magic words, enlightened words, and welcoming words.




Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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Ann Litts

Ann Litts

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned