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I just read Julia E Hubbel’s piece on gratitude in These Days. She issued a most wonderful challenge to us, her devoted friends and readers. She wants us to give a shout-out to All. The. Humans. making our lives better/bearable/survivable in the chaos.

Here goes:

I am grateful for my J.O.B. and the managers, nurses, and physicians I work with. They are supporting me (and other nurse navigators) who are high risk so we can work from home and be safe, stay healthy, yet keep working.

I am kept sane by the love of my family and friends. My daughters check-in regularly and I get to see my granddaughters on FaceTime (invented solely for grandparents to communicate with their grandchildren — I’m convinced!). My friends have kept in touch virtually and via text. We may be socially distanced — but I am not alone.

I laugh every day in the company of my housemate/cousin/sister/friend who came to spend the winter with me from Upstate NY and got marooned in NC a bit longer than she bargained for. I can’t imagine better company to be marooned with on the ‘desert island’ that is social distancing. Her good humor, kindness, and eternal optimism are unsinkable. And her sarcasm is genetic.

This downtime has led to more meditation, more yoga, more opportunities to practice self-care without the world interrupting. My very first yoga teacher used to say as we sank into corpse pose — “There’s no place to go. Nothing to do.” And what a blessed relief that news is. Slowing down has helped me rest and remain healthy even amid the crazy.

The Universe blessed my situation mightily. She quietly re-arranged and then re-re-arranged the best-laid plans of mice and men to the perfect outcome for me and my family this week. Months ago before anyone had heard of COVID-19, the foundations of what would work out to keep us all safe were being laid. It’s only now that we can see The Why of it.

And that is the point I wish to make — as well as being thankful.

Allow what needs to happen to happen. Allow the changes in life to flow. Allow it all. Because in the end — you will see — it never was by chance. Nothing was by chance.

Below are the four questions Julia posed in her piece. Please feel free to take them as prompts for your own piece on gratitude. Because Life is an echo — and there is always, always some one or some thing we can be grateful for.

Thank you, Julia, for a lovely post and a cathartic and mindful prompt. It has brought me much peace to count my blessings this day.


Prompt — Julia’s Questions:

Who is keeping you sane?

Who is helping you laugh?

Who is keeping you healthy?

What are you grateful for?

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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