Reasons Not To Move Freely About The Plane

Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash

Have you ever loved anyone who worked in a hospital? No?

Ok — try this. Have you ever loved a child? Any child — just pick one. Maybe this child had cancer at one time. Or needed to stay in an ICU — even just overnight for their peanut allergy. Or maybe they were a preemie and spent a month in a NICU before they could go home. Still drawing a blank?

Ok — Let’s try again. Have you ever loved anyone who is on dialysis? Or had an organ transplant? We can also add all the people who ever received chemo or radiation therapy for their cancer into this group as well. Not yet?

It’s okay — I have more.

Have you ever loved anyone who was ever taken to an emergency room? After a car crash? Or for chest pain? Perhaps they needed surgery or to go to an ICU for treatment or observation.

I could go on — but you’re getting the picture here — by now, I hope.

Humans aren’t staying inside so they won’t get sick. They’re staying inside to save other Humans.

The doctors, nurses, every Human still working at a hospital, driving a truck, stocking shelves, or filling prescriptions. The Humans in the ICUs, walking around immune-compromised, for whom this virus is a gruesome death sentence. The Humans who are the ‘potential’ patients out there who will die because they will not be able to get the care they require when there is ‘no room at the inn’. Simply because they have the bad luck to need an ICU bed when there are none available.

All of us, myself included, were lulled into a false sense of security by our own arrogance.

But Mother Nature shows us time and time again this is Her Planet. And we, in the U.S. are piss poor at taking care of our own. Humans in New Orleans and Puerto Rico are STILL attempting to return to Life-as-they-knew-it prior to devastating hurricanes.

Corporate America has been The Most Important Thing. Until now. Until this.

We have finally reached the point in time we are willing to offer up the greed of the ages on the altar of self-sacrifice to save others.

The bubble has burst on Wall Street. And yet, here we are — beginning to remember where the real riches of our nation lie.

In Her People.

Stay home. Take care of each other. So that all those Humans whom we love will be safe.

Because this is our true wealth in These Days. Figuring out just how much we really mean to each other. And letting Love guide us.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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