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Author’s Photo — Forgiveness Card From My Power Animal Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer Ph.D

I’m disturbed today. Thankfully I’ll be going to yoga soon and that will help me find some peace. But until then — I will write.

Several things this weekend seem to be coming together and begging me to ask this question out loud. What makes people see another human as ‘other’?

Other enough to dehumanize them entirely. To hate. To lash out. To kill.

Through some research I was doing on Medium I came across an article someone wrote about how he wanted to replace all the women on the planet with robots. He was serious. Another person called an author racist for describing the ethnicity and gender of a person who sent a hate email. You all know — I don’t have to tell you that BOTH of those people (the emailer & the commentator) were angry white men — right? Don’t get me started on how only that particular cohort gets to be entitled to their anger. If I’m angry I’m just a crazy post menopausal femi-nazi. Sigh. The entitlement of white men — it now extends to their anger as well. God help us all.

My FB feed was full of criticism of The March For Our Lives. Kids, teachers, parents just want schools to be safe. People are tired of their kids getting gunned down. They’re not marching for a complete ban on guns. They want sane gun laws that keep guns away from people who should not have them. I’m thinking — not a big ask. Apparently the people who sell guns don’t see it that way.

Cops killed another (God — ANOTHER) unarmed black man. On his own property. Minding his own business. Because shoot first just in case he might have a gun seems to be the go to in these situations. What the hell? The white guy in Florida with the AK who was actively murdering children got taken alive. Just think about that. If you think black men are safe in this country — think again.

It makes my stomach hurt — this country. Where hate is fed to us like it’s the richest, most desirable desert on the menu. Where the people who are afraid and give into their hate are rewarded. Where the tools of war are cavalierly put into the hands of the most damaged among us. Where our children pay the heaviest cost. Where men talk about removing women from ranks of humanity as though we are completely replaceable by metal and circuit boards to the applause of their peers. Where voices raised in First Amendment rights are mocked by voices raised over Second Amendment rights and sanity is lost.

In the end — we will live our lives and they will unfold as they are meant to. We can only reach out and touch that which is in our sphere. We can only change ourselves and our responses to that which is.

In my world — in this moment — I will do my best — not to hate, but to be compassionate even to those that would replace me with a robot. And you have no idea how hard that shit is. Because — really? A Robot?!


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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