Ego. We all have one. My chosen profession puts me in the cross hairs of some of the most ego centric people on the planet — surgeons. You have to have a very healthy ego to slice open another human being absolute in your belief you are, in fact, healing them.

But for most of us, our egos just set us apart and lie to us. Ego will assert itself in disastrous ways telling us the stories of our lives in a continuous loop of untruths. Ego is the voice in our head weighing our worth and judging us against an invisible scale. Ego is the measure which defines ‘other’ and tells us we are better than those who are not us.

It tells us we are special. Think about that — what makes you special?

Everyone has a reason. Maybe you’re young. Or perhaps you’re pretty. Or thin. Or a man. Or a woman. Oh, this is my favorite — you’re well educated. Some are rich. Others are poor. Maybe you’re sick. Or fit. You could be very busy — busy people in America are very special people.

There’s always something. Some one thing a person will use to rationalize why they are exempt from following the rules. The policies. The laws. The stuff everyone else who is not ‘special’ is supposed to adhere to. Because that is what happens when a society starts letting their egos drive the bus.

Special people can park where ever they like. They can squeeze in front of every one in line. They do not have scoop dog doo-doo. They don’t need to bother with turn signals. They can litter. The list goes on.

A community of special people is not a community at all. It just a bunch of egos doing whatever they want. There is no cohesion. It isn’t really special in the least. It’s chaos at best and anarchy at worst.

Let me tell what is special about me. Nothing. There is nothing special about me. And that is what makes me special.

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