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When I started the first draft of this post, I was annoyed. It wasn’t really a bad day — but there were things. And truthfully — I was annoyed as hell.

Today the IT guy was condescending — I wasn’t heard. My problem wasn’t solved. I’m on heat ticket #2 and tomorrow will be phone call #4 to get this issue fixed. Go ahead — ask me how much fun I’m having?

There was that meeting that kinda went sideways — it’s a new J.O.B. and the players are still being moved around the chessboard in my brain. I’m fairly sure my brutal honesty isn’t playing as well in Real Life as it did in the OR. Not everyone is a surgeon — who knew?

I miss my friends from my old J.O.B. on days like this — The Devil I knew — and the people who understood me.

Plus first day back at work after a week at the beach with my family. My GRAND DAUGHTERSSOB… I miss them with every cell of my being. I can start tearing up just thinking about how much I miss being with them. Don’t even get me started.

Re-entry. It’s a real thing.

So I went to yoga. To find the center in my world. And to forgive IT people for calling me names under their breath and not fixing my problem. And to forgive myself for having a 58 year old brain and the new J.O.B learning curve. And for living 350 miles away from the people I really want to live down the block from.

And not just ANY yoga class. Nope — it was Kirtan. Song Yoga. I sang. I swayed. I meditated. And I found myself again. Real Ann was in there the whole time — just waiting for me to stop being a lunatic and to remember who I really am.

Funny how that works.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned