Where The Light Gets In

Warmth in Dark Places

Photo by Jackson David on Unsplash

When it happened — she couldn’t believe its power. It was unexpected — and still at times will catch her off guard.

She no longer stops — in the middle of a thought — to ponder it. Now, it just brings a secret smile to her face.

The day — actually it was evening — when she felt the fissures expand and open as the light poured in — warm like a salve to her very soul.

She knew this feeling so very long ago. Love — they had called it. This glow. This peace. This warmth which filled her now.

She remembered the love she felt in her mother’s arms. She remembered the love she held for her children. She remembered the feel, the smell, the taste of love in the Before Times.

Before life had covered her heart with scar tissue and thorns.

That November night — a small cry miles away and a tiny fist had struck the first blow. The crack had formed. It was only a matter of time till her heart burst open.

She would learn to give love. She would learn to become love. She would learn to lean into the very source of love.

And one day when she thought she knew all there was about love — a man would walk into her life and she would understand love is only the beginning.

Her heart would open even more as it recognized his heart. The light would flow between them. It warmed their dark places. It brought them peace.

It brought them to the very edge of eternity.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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