When You’re Lost — Look Up

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Looking up, in front of you, a head of you, above you is one of life’s most vastly under rated skills. We tend to go through our days with our necks bent against All The Things which weigh us down physically and emotionally in this world. Figuratively and literally we keep our gaze down — slogging along just barely managing to put one foot in front of the other. Mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally living a tunnel vision kind of existence.

That all changes when you look up.

When I was learning to ride a motorcycle — that was the most important thing the rider coach drilled into my head. Eyes up — look ahead — see what’s coming at you. You need to be prepared for what’s down the road not just the thing that’s immediately under your nose. It will save your life. It’s one of the ways you know when you’ve shifted from novice rider to experienced rider — your head is continuely on a swivel, you’re taking in your environment constantly. Muscle memory has kicked in — in a lot of places — but your awareness of your place in space and time is primary.

I have a friend who fills his Instagram feed with the most beautiful vistas. There are lake views, forests, and sunsets from his quiet and peaceful corner of the world. When you look at photos like these or are fortunate enough to experience Mother Nature’s magnificent shows in person — you can see forever stretch out before you. It even has a smell. The air is cleaner, fresher in places above the hub bub of humanity. You touch a something which grounds you to The Earth and reminds you that we are all part of Nature’s magic.

And lastly — when our souls are in need of solace — it is always to the sky we plead. We take our hearts, our prayers, our arms and we open them to stars, the moon, the cloudless blue sky, or the pouring rain and we beg the heavens to hear us. We look up to find God/Goddess/The Universe — The Divine which hears us and knows us. Every human tribe, every where — lifts their arms in prayer. It’s in our collective DNA.

So — know — when you’re lost — finding your way is as simple as looking up. Look up to see what’s coming at you. Look up to find your place in space and time. Look up to ground yourself in the magic which is life. Look up to find your Tribe. Look up to recieve The Grace and Blessings you need to keep going. Just look up.




Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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