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Friday is a full moon. And a Lunar Eclipse. And Mercury starts a new retrograde cycle. And Lunar Lammas.

On a personal note — it’s my last day at my current position.

I know, right?

This is how you know you’ve made the right decision regarding changing everything about what you have been doing for a living. The entirety of The Universe shows up for your last day of work to throw a GIANT celestial shindig in honor of It All.

If I had any doubts about moving on to the next thing, this pretty much cinches it. Rarely does The Universe send up such a glaring neon message that we are on the right path. She is generally a bit more subtle, but apparently She just wants to be sure — really, really fucking sure — I got the message about this.

The entire galaxy will be celebrating as soon as it’s dark the day I walk out of the OR for the last time. Sunset is at 8:16 that night EDT.

BYOB and a dish to pass people!

Look up into the sky that night — watch the show with me. Gaze at the moon, make a wish. See Her loveliness, and perhaps enjoy the Eclipse if you’re in the right neighborhood. Mind your communication skills with The Retrograde, and be grateful for summer’s bounty.

Listen and watch for your own signs and messages. The Universe is always communciating with us. She can be downright chatty — and boldly flamboyant when She has something important to say.

Like sending you a moon, an eclipse, a backward dancing planet, and a centuries old feast — as reassurance for a life altering decision.


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