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It’s Christmas — have you heard? Joy to the world! And mistletoe and kisses for pretty girls (just ask Lucy!). Don’t get me wrong — I love Christmas. I am a Christmas person from the jingle bells on my headband to the candy cane striped socks on my feet.

But I have noticed something this year which wasn’t apparent to me in years gone by.

Joy cannot be forced. And a lot of people running around putting added pressure on you to Be Jolly! can make you so fucking miserable that you want to scream!

I know — because this week I’ve been screamed at. A lot. (The bells were perhaps a tad bit much.) This season takes an emotional toll on even the best of us.

We are capable of holding incredible amounts of Pain in our day to day existence. And we can do it with amazing amounts of Grace. Right up until someone insists we have to be Joy-Filled. — Right This Very Minute…and then we have to hand that Pain to someone else to hold — so we lash out.

It is so difficult to be able to hold both Pain and Joy. And while Christmas can bring out the very best of us — it can also remind us of our Pain. All. Of. Our. Pain.

Everywhere we turn we are admonished to celebrate The Day. As if One Day out of a whole year — or a whole Life is any more special than any other?


EVERY DAY is a fucking miracle and reason to celebrate. If we could all remember and acknowledge how precious Life truly is Joy would be a by-product of our day to day existence — not a special occassion. The added pressure to ‘make’ this Day special and perfect when in truth every day we are together is a perfect day.

It really is that simple.

Christmas doesn’t come but once a year for the people who understand its true meaning. Christmas isn’t a season. Christmas is a daily observance. An offering — not to be hoarded until the 25th of December every winter.

Joy doesn’t arrive on command, it’s a practice, a way of being. A Life lived in gratitude for each day. Celebrated with the people who give from their hearts and souls without hesitation. Not because it’s Christmas, but because giving is what makes us all better Humans.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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