When Is A Book Club Not A Book Club?

Photo by Ruben & Sophie Bialon on Unsplash

I just went to see Book Club and if you’re put off by the movie because you think it’s a movie about a bunch of elderly feminist talking about X number Shades Of Grey, you can stow your angst.

This movie was sprinkled with a bit of sex, a bit of feminism, a bit of agism, and challenges women face In The World. However, it was mostly about relationships. Some about the relationships women have with the men in their worlds, because romance sells — but mostly it was about the relationships the women have with each other through their decades of friendship.

My favorite scene was about halfway through the movie — there they all sat — on wine bottle #2 or maybe #3 by then. And the truth telling began. With the candor which comes only from the women who know and love you best — they spoke to each other’s faults and follies with love and kindness — completely accepting each other as is. Yet, reminding each other to get their collective shit together and move forward. This is not a place to camp out and live. We are here for each other and we will help each other pack and carry the loads of our lives.

The movie was brilliant in that each woman depicted the challenges of a different relationship status facing middle age. A never married, a divorcee, a widow, and a long married. No one’s life was picture perfect. Each carried their own challenges.

This was not Sex In The City fast forwarded forty years. These characters felt real. They were not who we wished we were, they were us. And our friends — all just trying to make sense of the world and All The Things that happened to us as we live a life longer and healthier than generations before us have.

I laughed at so many parts as the truth bubbled up to the top of the story line. Because in all things — the truth is stranger than fiction. You just can’t make this shit up.

But in the end, it’s your friends who know you best. It’s your friends who hold you together through it all. It’s your friends who don’t let you shrink from life. It’s your friends who make sure you do what you need to do to find joy and be your best self.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned