When All Else Fails…Shop!

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Yesterday there was a shoe sale in the lobby of my hospital. It’s awesome! They sell nurse’s shoes, nurse’s bags, nurse’s gizmos, and our volunteers make a bit of a profit by putting on the whole business.

Yes, everything might cost a bit more than if I hopped over to get the same product at a specialty store by the mall, but I profoundly dislike the mall. And our volunteers work hard at providing services to our patients and our staff. I love the thought of supporting them.

So yesterday as the day was winding down, I grabbed a teammate and we rushed over to the sale with about thirty minutes left and SHOPPED!

I found shoes I liked but in the irony of leather and European sizing — I was frustratingly between a 37 and a 38 so it was a no go. However, I did find the perfect bag for my new work laptop and got it.

The other wonderful thing about these sales is the volunteers arrange for whatever I buy to be mysteriously deducted from my paycheck. Poof! I never miss it! Magic!

And in light of All. The. Things. facing this country of late — I found such great joy last night in my quiet little dining room as I unpacked my old ugly laptop bag and my old purse and rearranged my belongings in my new bag.

I sorted out the things that needed to go — always a refreshing and vitalizing task. I ordered my piece of the world into a fresh space where I had what a needed for my day to day in a clean, neat, easy to access place.

I inhaled the smell of the new leather and ran my fingers over the texture of the material I love with all my heart. You don’t grow up around horses without the smell of leather bringing back a rush of fond memories. I could almost hear the swish of hay being eaten and the murmur of soft nickers in the background as I worked. Our sense of smell is located extremely close to our memory center in our brain. Smell will carry us back as no other sense can.

I smiled all evening at my small indulgence. I rarely buy myself anything. I have to ‘love’ the item. It has to ‘speak’ to me. And last night my new laptop bag and I had a lovely conversation — no buyer’s remorse here.

I sat in The Present with my purchase grateful for the resources I had which allowed me the luxury to buy it. Thankful for the career and this J.O.B. in particular, which fills me with such profound awe at the power of the human spirit and the miracle which is the human body. And completely at peace that The Universe will bring all good gifts in their proper time — including the perfect laptop bag at a great price which also benefits some of my favorite people AND She doesn’t even make me have to go to the mall to find it.

In your day — May you find the hidden joys and blessings — in even the small everyday tasks and errands. May your path be filled will all that brings you peace.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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