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Living in The Now is the trickiest of party tricks.

Our minds scream at us and drag us back into our past to review our mistakes, ruminate over our missteps, and feel the pain of our traumas over and over again.

And just as perversely — this very same brain will propel us at the speed of light into our yet-to-be-lived future. There we will play out scenarios which never occur as our bodies respond to the stimuli of anxiety and fear. We will make vast plans and expect outcomes — only to sink into disappointment or depression when our path diverts long before we reach ‘Our Goal”.

Somewhere in My Dreamscape last night The Universe blessed me with this:

We don’t need to live like this.

We don’t need to think about any of it. We can let it all go and just be.

Easier said than done — believe me I. But stick with me for a moment.

We don’t need to push our brains all around our personal timeline. We can stop where we are Right In This Moment and allow all the rest of The Moments to see to themselves.

It’s less about a Pondering of Our Past and Faith in Our Future than a Knowing In Our Now. We can change not one single thing in Past or Future. If we let them clog up our bandwidth it completely messes with what we have available to use in Our Now.

Think of All. The. Things. you could let stand as is if you could do this.

All the relationship issues — past and future. This is a huge emotional processing issue. The time, money, energy we invest in this one thing alone is staggering. What happens if we just let it all be? The exes fall off our radar into apathetic no-man’s land. We lose the hate and the drama. We can walk through our life peacefully without the desperation tied to finding “The One” in any future relationship. We are no longer operating on a seek and destroy mission for our singlehood.

All the physical/emotional issues — past and future. We have survived what we have survived. Our scars present but healing if we can resist the urge to poke and scratch at them. We can lose the fear and anxiety which reminds us we will be wounded again. We likely will be — because Life is not a spectator sport. What happens if we just let it all be? We can breathe deeply into Our Now — with our scars — as the survivors we are.

All the world issues — past and future. We can focus outwardly on all which has gone sideways in the past. We can point fingers and cast blame. We can use tunnel vision to see a future which is the same shit different day and sit shiva for our children’s children. What happens if we just let it all be? We avoid being pulled into the storm. We stand as a beacon of peace. We do what we can, with what we have, where we are. In Our Now.

We can’t fix Our Past. We can’t foretell Our Future. But we can stop wasting valuable time, energy, and resources on them. We can just let it all be and live in Our Now.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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