Life lesson #18,279

What If We Are Wrong?

Trust, curiosity, & grace

Ann Litts
4 min readNov 1, 2023


Humanity is a very quirky sort of species. We possess this bit in our brain called EGO and it drives so many of our destructive behavior patterns. And ego keeps us from asking ourselves one very important question, “What if we are wrong?”

We like to be in control. We think we control All. The. Things. There’s one line in the Old Testament about man being given dominion over the earth and all Her creatures. But that’s crap. If that were truly so, wild beasts would sit up and beg for treats when we told them to. We do not control anything. Not even our own destinies. Fate, circumstance, and serendipity play larger roles in the outcomes of our thoughts and actions way more than any puny effort we put in. We lack trust.

We like to be Right. Yes, that kind of Right — with a very large capital R. And in seeing ourselves, our opinions, and our thoughts as The Right Way, we completely shut out the opinions and thoughts of anyone else. Anyone who might actually have a better plan than we do. But — if they are Right, then we are not. And our egos won’t allow for that kind of doubt to seep into our lives. We lack curiosity.

We want other Humans to like us. We will, on occasion, bend ourselves into unrecognizable shapes just to fit in socially with this or that group. We will compromise our health, our safety, and even our sanity to be liked. We will become absorbed in a mob mentality that might be counter to our true belief system, simply to be included in a tribe. We lack grace.

These are the things we do, the things Humanity does — to the planet, to Her creatures, and to each other. But what if there was a different way to be in the world?

Stay with me here. What if we let go of some of that control? I know it’s tough to do, but just try to let go of a little bit. You don’t have to take a ginormous leap of faith. Just for a few minutes every day — Trust The Universe.

What if we realized that none of us are Right all the time? And that would mean that Them (in the us vs them scenario) are not Wrong all the time either. Huh. All those religious and political foes who have done battle with each other for generations — all of them. Imagine the gray…