What ever name you might give it — to deny the existence of the inexplicable is Human hubris of the most arrogrant sort.

I know energy workers exist — they heal in ways medical science has no answer to. We know people come ‘back’ from the tunnel. Humans who should die — do not. Miracles? Or some other factor at play?

Most every medication we use as some base in the natural world. Yet — we continue to destroy our planet and likely the cures for all our diseases in our ignorance of how connected we are to Earth.

Empaths and psychics tap into the flow of particles not seen — only felt with their ‘organs.’. If we all were blind — we would not know color existed. What if the rest of us simply have underdeveloped ‘organs’ to pick up those micro-vibrations of energy fields?

The Universe is vast. To assume we have it figured out — as so many Humans do — to put God/Goddess/Creator is a neat and tidy little box — makes me sad for Humanity.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned