Well — that’s just bullshit. But — I am a firm believer in The Universe and Her guidance. She has lead me through some swamps that I thought I would never climb out of. And looking back over my shoulder — one sees the necessity of the struggle — the lessons learned — and just the point in time where you lost your shackles. I fight with Her less these days when the challenges hit and I wait for Her Grace to lead me to better, higher, firmer ground.

I love FB memes — so She always sends me the best ones — they arrive just when I need a cheerleader. One reminder I get on a regular to ease my anxiety is this one “You have survived 100% of your bad days so far”.

I think to myself — not a bad track record because some of those days have well and truly sucked.

I am here with you acknowledging the brutality and complete unfairness and bullshit agism policy that pushed you out of your job. I am here with you celebrating the freedom you have to explore other options away from a job that has bullshit policies about terminating the employment of capable — valuable — talented people because they celebrated this birthday or that.

If you read any of my stuff before — you will know I have quite the Sailor’s mouth. On your behalf may I say — FUCK THEM.

Go — find your JOY and shake their dust from your sandals!!! ❤

May your heart be full, May you never want, May you always know your purpose in this Life!

Many many blessings Dear Caroline! Please drop me a note sometime & keep me in the loop! I’d love to hear how your next chapters are going! ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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