Well, life is like that. Right? Balance. Learning to take the good with the not so hot stuff. In the larger scheme of things — I woke up this morning, my kids and grand kids are swell, I have a job, I’m ok.

In truth — theft is the least onerous of not so hot things. It means you ‘have’. You are fortunate to ‘have’. That is never a bad place to live life from. I still have the talent to churn out blogs. That wasn’t taken.

I didn’t find any of my stories out there — so personally I wasn’t inconveincend. So I had to reel in my umbrage on White Feather’s behalf.

When you’re a nurse you have to recognize ‘Not my pain’ or you are consumed by your patient’s situation. Right now — this affects my friends here and I’ve done what I can to let them know and in my own way to call in The Universe to let the perpetrators see the error of their ways.

But everyone is a lesson. So — the bigger question is this — What are we all supposed to take away from this revelation? Because apparently there is more than one website that ‘shops’ for content on Medium (and other blogger sites) and they don’t bother to credit the authors.

Do we keep writing? Do we move our content to our own websites? Which makes it harder for us and our followers to find us? Is this simply the price of admission in the electronic kingdom of blogging?

Thoughts I was pondering as I fell off to sleep last night. The blues having no effect on my peace of mind. :)

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned