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I’ve read several pieces on Medium lately about how to make more money, how to get your work curated, what to write about — how to write — etc. if you strive to be Successful.

I suppose everyone needs to have a good hard look at that word — Successful and first and foremost figure out how exactly does one define it in their Now?

Are you Successful if your stats show you to have X number of views/reads/fans per story/day/month? Are you Succesful if you have X number of followers? Perhaps it’s a financial goal? You will be Successful when your check from Medium is X dollars per month.

Fair enough.

Many writers here are Real-Honest-To-Goddess-Writers. They make their living with their keyboards. This isn’t their side hustle or a hobby.

For me, writing is a spiritual endeavor. The stats page is an arrow assuring me I am moving in the right direction on The Path. The claps are good — the responses and a chance to interact with Humans even better. There is Joy in hearing the stories and insights of All. The. People. The money I earn — always a welcome bonus — but truthfully — the day I crept into the black past my Medium membership dues was the day I stopped thinking about a payout. Because everything after this point is Abundance.

What happens when you live there? When you stop ‘writing’ and you let Her take the lead?

After reading all the “How To” instructions — I confess — part of me wanted to follow the advice of the experts. I felt My Ego pulling a bit. Didn’t we WANT More? More claps? More pieces curated? More money? More attention?

I stopped right there.

No. I told My Ego. We do not want that.

We want to weave The Magik. We want to lead people back to who they are. We want to help them live in their Now and find their Peace. We want to entertain them and make them smile. We want to teach them Love is Love is Love.

We want to put all this out into The World because Life is an echo. Not because it will make Ego happy — but because it will make The World better for All. The. Humans.

Sometimes I write a piece and the stars align and the curators like it and Bam! So does everyone else.

Other times — I write a piece and the stars still align, however, the curators may not care for it and Bam! People still read it — the people who need to hear whatever message The Universe was sending.

That’s why I write. Not so much for claps or followers or even the money.

I write because I must. If you are reading these words — The Universe has led you here to see the Magik I have woven. There is a message for you in this piece.

You’re welcome. Now go and weave some Magik of your own.


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