We Were Born To Fuck Up

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New Shades — Too Much? Probably….

What if the point of all of this is to make mistakes?

I mean think about it a minute. We go through our lives shooting for perfect. Or at least reasonably well done. Or not half assed. Depending on the day/moon phase/amount of coffee consumed.

But what if we aren’t here to be perfect?

What if we are here to make the mistakes?


What if the people who are really winning at life are the ones up to their asses in shit, going through the muck, and pulling it out, and doing it all over again tomorrow? And screwing it up over and over and over. Every time. But building character, learning to let go, leaning into the flow of life, figuring out that joy hasn’t got one fucking thing to do with a bank account, or stock portfolio.

What if the people who are the screws up in life are actually the heroes? The people who can tell the tales most grand of all the stuff that went sideways on them. And do it with a nod and a smile as we sit at their feet in awe of their good grace. The humble souls who reach back and say to each of us — “Oh yeah, this sucks, I’ve been right here too. Let me help you with that.” And then — they do. Teaching each of us how to live life with courage, humor, and spit.

What if the ‘winners’ are actually the ‘losers’? Those most unfortunate souls who never get the thrill of having their life be a challenge or piece of shit so as to learn a single important thing. They breeze through life as if it were just another ride on a carousel— completely bored by the scenery and easy pace. Those poor, poor people!!

Can you only imagine how horrible their lives truly are?!?!

My wish for you today is this — May you go out in the world today screw something up! Gloriously so! Because when you fuck up — you should do it with style and panache! Never half ass your fucking up! It is the only way to live — completely and fully.

We were born to fuck up.


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