We don’t have to live with him. :) And we practice on doctors and med students. Trust me — it doesn’t flow over to our families either. Most of the time — that nurse’s authority. I’ve had several extended family members ask me my nurse’s opinion on something and then go google it or do what their neighbor advised them because the neighbor once went to this really great seminar on some obsure thing related to what we were talking about. LOL. Husbands seem to be the worst offenders because they have Man Pride thrown in for good measure and don’t want to look weak in front of you. I’m glad you got to stay and see how hard they worked to keep your husband alive. Codes can be very intense — I’ve had my share of them and in truth I don’t miss them. I can also share with you — it isn’t a given we get the patient back. Most of the time — we don’t. And certainly not back to where they can go home. Many times we just delay the inevitable. Your husband is a miracle to those of us who know. Remind him — You Are A Walking Miracle. Behave as such. A lot of people used their Miracle Dust to make it so. Now — drink that damn drink — don’t make me call a nurse ! ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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