We are forever changed as you say. So much of this endemic hatred and rage has reminded me of stories of the Hollocaust. I could never understand how neighbors could send neighbors to the death camps. But now I do. All it takes is for someone with a very large stamp to label a Human as 'Other' and stir up a bit of mob mentality.

That was probably a decent enough survival skill in the stone age - sacrafice the weak or percieved weak for the good of the rest of the tribe. It doesn't cut it in 2021 , however.

The lesson I take from the last year is that we much be vigilant without being superior regarding how we want a society to function. There may only be slightly fewer more of those who embrace community as opposed to supremecy - but for now - we are still a majority.

We must consciously raise the next generation to understand war, hatred, & exclusion is a horrible way to spend their time on Earth.

We must look carefully at all our relationships with everyone & everything. What do we let go of? Because if we let go - we make room for new things/Humans/ideas to arrive.

I have never really expected anyone to like me. I was an anchovie - all my life - an acquired taste. I plan to give as much of myself to the Humans who have loved me & loved me well in These Days. And then - follow my own advice and let the rest go.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned