“…We Are All Just Stars With People Names.”

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Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

The quote for the title is from FB — Nikita Gill wrote 93% Stardust. This is the last line. If you’re looking for a kickass poet — She’s your girl.

But back to the meat of It.

I have seen it in us. Our Stardust. Our Magic.

I have looked out over a Sea Of Humanity at a concert— every person swaying and singing along to the song they love best. Lighters held high. Blending into a diverse yet somehow single-celled creature.

I have watched in times of desperation and crisis. The very same Sea Of Humanity come together to dig out — avalanches/mudslides/floods/Twin Tower rubble — reaching out to strangers in need. Blending into a diverse yet somehow single-celled creature.

For that is when the Stardust emerges — Humanity at it’s best and worst moments. Someplace in the In-between we lose our Magic. We forget our Oneness. The Place Where We All Began. The Place Where We All End.

The Stars are hard to see in The Daylight. They are still there but overshadowed by brighter more vivid concerns. It is only when the light dims and the colors fade in The Darkness can we see the beauty of The Stars which are our birthright.

Think about The Times in Your Life when there were NO barriers between you and the Humans around you. Joy, Music, Crisis, Need, — Love — The Forces which drop into Our Lives and remind us of Our Sparkle. Remind us of what is truly important in Our Now. Give us the memories which we harmonize into the song we call Life on our Starry Starry Nights.


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