Vulnerability- Our Superpower

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Or is it?

I hit a wall of emotion this week that stopped me dead in my tracks. I could not do what I needed to do because it hurt too much.

Let me tell you something — this has never happened to me before. Ever.

Not through all the losses in the whole of My Life have I ever turned away from whatever I was asked to do or told to face.

Not. Once.

A Warrior never runs. Never hides. Never shirks their responsibility. They just adjust their armor, pick up their sword and move forward.

I used to look at the men and women ‘who just couldn’t’ and sigh. Then, I would do whatever needed doing. Because someone had to.

I knew on some level I wasn’t invincible — no one is — but I was “more vincible” than anyone else around me. More responsible. More capable. More logical. More together. More armored. And more fucking better in a crisis than any ten Humans in whatever room I happened to be standing in.

And completely without a vulnerable cell in my body.

A friend told me today letting down our shields in Life and feeling our pain — losing everything — shows us who we really are. Letting go of being ‘vincible’, embracing our Humanness — even when it breaks us a little — makes us More.

We find ourselves open to Love, and the healing power of tears, grief, Grace. We allow ourselves to FEEL The Universe at Her best — when we have no place else to turn but inward to Her, when all of our other options have vanished.

Sometimes it takes that moment of surrender to understand Life is not the enemy. We are not here to fight battles. We have no need of any superpowers.

All we need is Love.


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