Living Life with an open heart

Very few Humans enjoy vulnerability. Standing still. Waiting in uncertainty. Defenseless.

And yet, here we are. Connected in just that manner. All of Humanity. No more labels. No more races. No more religions. No more political parties.

Oh sure — some of the Humans are still trying to sell it. But if you look hard you can see past the bluster and the bravado. They attempt to disguise the vulnerability, but it’s there — just below the surface.

The truth is Humanity has rarely been this connected. This great uncertainty, this great communal suffering has woven a common experience each of us can relate to. We are brothers and sisters in this pain.

We are all vulnerable. Whether we want to be or not.

We have — globally — pushed pause on whole countries. We have come up with workarounds. We have Gerry-rigged ventilators and used hand-sewn masks. We have shared and prayed and offered up our sufferings as penance to the Life we lived as the People we used to be.

There is no way to unsee the fact we are in this together. All. Of. Us.

In mindfulness practices, we are encouraged to see the connections between souls. The common areas of experience. All beings desire peace. All beings experience joy. All beings suffer. These emotions are universal across all cultures, societies, and borders.

Vulnerability allows us the opportunity to remove the last vestiges of a capricious society that sought to divide us. Acknowledging our shared vulnerability allows us to become The People we were destined to be. Leaning into this vulnerability allows us to re-remember we belong to The Earth more than The Earth belongs to us.

We are as much a part of Nature as the wind, the ground, the fire, the water, the ether.

Acknowledging our connectedness to each other — to all beings — to Life itself takes tremendous courage in the face of the universal vulnerability we are currently experiencing. It is so much easier to deny it. To lean into anger or close ourselves off.

To be at the mercy of the unknown — to be helpless in the face of destiny — to finally understand Humanity was never running anything.

This realization can cause us to contract or to reach out.

Which do you choose?


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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