Very Profound my friend! I’m sorry you got a double whammy! As I type this at o’dark thirty — I prepare to hit resume on My Life again and return to my J.O.B. But I find myself more grateful for that simple pleasure. I am not 100% healed of the illness which struck me 10 days ago — but I am functional enough and the J.O.B. is gentle enough that we can manage. The process is mental as well as physical as you so cleverly point out. The surrender to What Is helps the body heal and allows peace, love, compassion & healing to arrive. I liken it to a float trip as well — I don’t paddle furiously through my shallow pools to more rapids when they are presented these days — I allow myself to enjoy the float — the pause — the scenery while I am with it. Heal well dear one. ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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