Understood. And it's fiction - so it can go anyway you like. I love that about fiction. :)

However, I have always thought Humanity was better off before The God Of The Old Testament made his appearance. And remember - he only cried out for 'justice' for a schzophrenic named Abraham who attempted to kill both of his sons. One by banishment to the desert - the other when The Voice told him to lay the kid out on an alter. If that was today - those kids would be in the care of DSS and Abraham would have been committed - not made into the founding father of 3 major religions. That God showed no justice to women, children, or anyone who didn't have Abraham's blood running in their veins. Convenient - that. The rest of Humanity was so much fodder for the mill. No - that was not a God of Justice. For if there had been justice - it would have applied to all. Not just the men in the line of Abraham. That is a God who shows favoritism and biogtry. Justice is not in his skill set.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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