Turning Out The Lights…

Photo by Biel Morro on Unsplash

Today was my last day as an operating room nurse. Next week I start a new position I am extremely grateful and excited about. Change was necessary and vital — there was no doubt. My new J.O.B. was an offer I couldn’t refuse served up to me on a silver platter from a kind and loving Universe.

But today. Today was an emotional roller coaster. My charge nurse kindly assigned me to one of my favorite surgeons with one of my favorite scrubs. The scrub and I work together so often — it’s more of a dance routine than an operation — each one knowing the next move in the choreography. The day was amazing and smooth and All. The. Things.

I got relieved for lunch to find a huge cake with “Good Luck Ann” written boldly across it waiting for me to cut it. Nurses, scrubs, CRNAs, orderlies, and MDs offered me kind words, gifts, candy, and hugs all day long. I felt cared about and valued deeply.

Never in any of my previous positions have the people I worked with in the trenches left such a profound mark on my soul. People come and go in our lives — it’s the way of life. But ALL these people put in this one place have a magic that is so hard to explain. They care. About the patients, their surgeons and most importantly about each other. They are friends. There is a cohesion.

I’ve been in good cases and in cases that have gone sideways with many of them over the years. They are there for each other 100% of the time. “What do you need?” can be heard echoing through the hallway every damn day.

As I ponder all my previous positions, I know from every place there are a few people who remain with you no matter what. Even though you no longer see each other at work — you are still in touch. When I look at this group of people — so many of them already integrated into my private life — I hope I get to keep them. I hope The Universe continues to bless me with even small fragments of their kindness and caring.

I will miss them in my day to day more than I can express in mere words. My heart already feels the echo of their absence. I know The Universe has a plan — new people for me to meet, places I will belong just as surely as I used to belong in the OR.

But I treasure the gift that was my time in this place with my friends. The work we did, the support we gave each other, and the truth we shared is the stuff of Real Life. I learned so much about myself being with them.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What am I ever going to do without you?




Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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