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To open — even just a crack and show another your Flaw(s). All the Truths you hide in your secret places is a most frightening thing.

We like to pretend we have all our shit together — every day — all the time. But everyone has at least one Thing. One Deep Dark Thing, which they hold quietly to themselves. Perhaps more than one, if your mysteries run deep.

However, we are Human. And to Be completely whole as a Human there will come the moment in time when you have to say The Thing to another Human. You will have to trust them with your Flaw(s).

The Truth Telling has been played over and over in your mind a hundred, a thousand, a million times. You had longed to share the entirety of yourself with someone. Someone who would fit the final jigsaw piece into place and allow you to feel complete. Whole.

When you speak your Truth into the World you must be careful. Once it is out, you cannot undo it. The Genie will never be put back into the bottle. So you must be sure.

You must choose with the utmost precision. The time. The place. The Human.

The Truth Telling is just the beginning, for you see, when you finally open up the little bitty crack in and let out your Deep Dark Thing — the light will shine in. Fresh air will fill the space where your Flaw used to inhabit and relief at its release will overwhelm you.

It then becomes less about The Deep Dark Thing and more about The Light which now inhabits its former lair. Even if you chose poorly and the fallout from your Truth Telling is a catastrophe in Real Life. Even if you are betrayed and The World becomes privy to your Flaw(s) — it doesn’t matter.

Your Life is always about YOUR inner landscape. How you deal with you. Your Thoughts, Your Demons, Your Truths, Your Dreams. If you go into the world with compassion for others and — here’s the tricky bit — for YOURSELF, Truth Telling becomes second nature. And how the rest of Humanity adjusts itself to your Truths doesn’t matter so much.

Life becomes less complicated. Your heart becomes less closed up. You feel The Light flow through the place where The Deep Dark Thing used to live but is now open and aired out.

Amazingly what other people think of your Flaw(s) — real or perceived — just don’t seem to bother you as much. You are free. You are Real. The field in which you grow your Fucks lies barren and unattended because you suddenly have better things to do than care about that damn field. That Deep Dark Thing.

You have a Life To Live. A True Life.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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