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I’m a big fan of the fairy tale Three Billy Goats Gruff. It’s an old story where three smart little billy goat brothers get the best of troll that lives under a bridge and everyone — except the troll — lives happily ever after in lush fields.

Trolls — all trolls — in my humble opinion, get what they have coming. That’s right — you heard it here first — there is no love being sprinkled on this one. Because — Boundaries. Self care. Self love. And Assholes.

I just took a peek at a response to a response I made to a story months ago. MONTHS AGO. Say it again with me… months ago. It was a well received comment with hundreds of claps from dozens of people. It was the most popular thing I ever wrote. A simple atta boy to the author of a really cool well balanced article on a trigger topic.

You guessed it — the response was a sarcastic snarky trolly thing. And it’s so funny because everyone’s gut response to a troll is always to respond in kind. ‘YOU ASSHOLE! I’ll show you! I have a fucking better vocabulary! And better grasp of profanity! You are going DOWN!”

Am I right??

But I have managed to over come those initial urges these days. I make myself look at said Troll’s profile first — always before I comment. I almost always find a not real person. This guy was following 2 people and had 2 followers. WTF? It’s like the instagram request you get from the slimballs who have no followers — you know the ones? Sex slavers looking for easy targets.

You have to ask yourself — why do I even give a shit?

And then — you don’t. All your angst at this person just melts away and it is replaced with something akin to pity at their feeble attempts to bait you. Because you stopped. And breathed. And looked. And protected yourself from the emotions all Trolls love to provoke. The joke is on them.

From there it’s a simple matter of hiding the response, blocking said Troll from your life and moving on.

Because that is exactly how the Three Billy Goats Gruff would have handled it. They booted that Troll’s ass off the bridge and the current carried him away never to be heard from again.

The End.



Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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