Writing Prompt: “What do you need to be ready to go?” An exploration of Journeys

Photo by Mantas Hesthaven on Unsplash

I love to travel. I love everything about traveling. My journeys begin the moment I decide I’m taking the vacation. The planning of the thing — the pondering of what to bring — the coordination of the who, what, and when.

I have incredible travel mojo and in all of the flights and journeys I’ve taken, I have had only one flight disruption. And that only meant I had the privilege to spend more time with my family. Win/Win.

My secret? I travel light.

In all ways.

I’ve gone to Bali for two weeks and Australia for three weeks. Both times with only my passport and a carry-on. I rightly assumed both countries had laundries and the ability to purchase anything I might ‘need’ when I got there. It wasn’t necessary to haul my entire life along with me.

I also travel light emotionally. I book flights with enough layover time to accommodate the off chance of issues on connecting flights. I’d rather sit at an airport bar and enjoy a good drink in peace — next to my gate — than be stressed I’ll miss my connection.

After I book the flight and pack my carry-on, I let go of it all. Because traveling light also means — trust. I trust The Universe has my back in all things. If I do miss a connection — or I’m delayed on a tarmac — or some other ‘mishap’ disrupts the flow of my journey, I know it is for my benefit in the end. I may never know why, but I accept it as a gift. Not an inconvenience.

I know I will always be right where I am supposed to be. Every day, every hour, every minute of every journey.

And I leave all the angst and stress of traveling behind me.

I travel light.


This piece was written in response to a prompt. However, the publication who sponsored the prompt seems to have left Medium. As such — I’m posting this on my blog. Enjoy.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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