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A Favorite Beer — And Yes — I’ve Been To Hell And Back

I travel alone. Most of the time. Whether its taking a road trip to the beach or flying out to visit friends and family — I do it alone. Ironically though, even when you’re traveling alone — you really aren’t. The Universe is traveling with you.

Traveling ‘alone’ is a moving meditation. You hear The Universe whisper in your ear. You meet new people and you never know what is going to land on your doorstep. Insights, messengers, inner peace. I’ve found them all. And I’ve been the message The Universe has given others a couple times too. Pretty fly all in all.

Traveling ‘alone’ is a completely different experience than traveling with a companion or in a group. It builds self confidence and a sense of independence like no body’s business. Not to mention, its just fun.

Since I’m a big fan of sitting at bars and people watching, I like to plan for a bit of layover between flights whenever I can and hang out. My layovers are sometimes the most educational and enjoyable part of my journeys. Meeting fellow travelers on their paths — literally — is a mind opening exercise. You don’t know anything about each other except what kind of drinks you prefer. And that is often enough. No one cares about political or religious affiliations.

Conversation is easy. Filters are down. Reality is suspended. Time is irrelevant — to a point — in that there is only now. Knowing you’ll never see each other again, gives each person a sense of freedom to be Real they don’t have anywhere else.

We are just humans on a journey. Passing time. Trying to get to where we are going.

Some of the best lessons The Universe gives me is over a shot and a beer.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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