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Meditation has always been my go to for stress and to calm my emotions. For as long as I’ve been doing yoga — some sort of meditative process has been part of my life.

Meditation has centered me when I was off balance. Meditation has given me clarity when I was seeking answers. Meditation has given me rest when I was exhausted.

Lately my meditation practice has been less about my emotional/physical body and more about my spiritual body.

It has been quite the surprise, in fact, to share my quiet dark, calm space with The Universe and feel a something there when in the past I had only felt the bliss of solitude and peace.

Apparently She feels I’m emotionally and physically prepared to level up in my meditation practice. That is rather terrifying. And exhilarating all in the same moment.

What do you do when The Universe knocks on your door? Inviting you in for a sit down and some tea?

For a while I just stood in the doorway — and pondered my options. Was I really ready? Because allowing yourself to grow in any direction is scary shit. The threshold is always the safe place. You can look over the view and stand on terra firma. One foot planted discretely in All That Is Familiar.

This weekend, I stepped over the threshold. I breathed my intention out into the void and accepted the invitation. I felt myself crack open and my lungs emptied themselves of all the shit they insisted on holding onto for all the decades of my life.

In Chinese medicine — grief lives in the chest — I search my chest this morning for the grief I have born forever and a day, and I find no trace of it. Joy fills the vacuum that remains.

Fear has abandoned me. Curiosity overcomes me. What will my life look like? I don’t know. But I do know this — I am going to be ok. I will always be ok. Because The Universe has this.

I was made just the way I am to live this life just the way I am living it.

And so were you.


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Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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