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Courtesy of The Universe.

I’ll just touch on the key points of the syllabus for you.

Kindness — no matter how much you pour out on some people — it won’t be enough. Some people are just shit heads. They revelle in their shitheadedness. They wear it like a banner. Your job is to still pour kindness on them and not let them get their shit on you.

Patience — it is an incredible life skill to have patience with a thing or a person when you are under pressure. When someone is yelling at you and insisting you are doing a thing ‘wrong’. To tune them out and listen to your inner voice in resolving any crisis. Or non-crisis. To remain calm in the face of madness. To be patient with a process. To understand you simply must put one foot in front of the other until this march is over.

Boundaries — to be able to firmly say by tone or manner — this is as far as you go. No one shall cross hence. And then be done with them. No arguing, no yelling, no drama, no nothing. Just. Be. Done. With dignity and without anger, judgement or cruelty.

Competency /Compassion— to know you are competent in the face of ridicule, condescension, or injustice because you are secure in who you are. To recognize it is others’ insecurities projected outward as they struggle with their own demons that lead them to behave badly. Show pity on them for this. How awful it must be to live in this state? To never know one’s own worth.

Joy — to be able to find the lessons. To be able to take pleasure from the gifts of the people in your life. To enjoy unexpected and unbidden pleasures. To have people, things, activities which enrich you and fill your cup back up.

Love — to feel the swell of love in your heart just looking at a photo of your granchildren. To see your children grown and settled, moving through their own lessons with grace and courage. To feel the comfort and support of family and friends, your own personal 911 squad. To know you are never really alone. To understand this — THIS — is the most important thing. Everything else is simply window dressings.

Gratitude — to be humbled by your life and life experiences. To finally understand what today is really about. To look back and see — ‘Yes, there were places I still could do better. Maybe tomorrow, Universe, maybe tomorrow. Please give me tomorrow and one more chance to do better.’

Because the lessons will keep coming as long as we keep living.

Class — take your seats.


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