To live as a motherless child is a great challenge. There is no one on Earth who will love like a mother — good or bad. I was fortunate in that my mother loved me well enough in those 12 short years that I could carry it with me my whole life. As an adult, I know many people who don’t have that even though their mother may have lived for decades and decades. Life is about focusing on what you have been given, and being grateful. Of course I would have taken more years, days, even hours with my mother. But I had enough to put me on my path. To know what love feels like when I find it. To fill me up so that I could love my own children and grand children. And to realize — She’s not gone, she’s just not here. I hope your mother also loved you well dear Lori. ❤ And please know — your Jasmine — was some of the inspiration for this post. Nature embraces Death so much better than humans do.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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