To be fair (and I love this meme) Cinderella never asked for a prince - she asked for a night off & a new dress. And also this - tell your niece to never date a man who can't recognize you with your make up off - as it seems the Prince could only find his true love via her footwear.

I've been wooed by men. Some brought me roses, others bought me gifts. But in the end - they all wanted to steer my ship -my destiny. I broke up with a man once because he told me he didn't want me riding my motorcycle anymore. Say what? But most of the time - I am simply too much. And they break up with me out of fear.

I have told my daughter & I will tell The Magical Creatures - when you find a someone who doesn't run from who you really are - that's the one you should watch. Let all the others go with grace & blessing. Because there is nothing wrong - in fact it's kinda sacred - to be on your own.

Great piece - from one Amazonian to another. Another favorite meme - Xena screaming "I am a delicate fucking flower" because that's just so funny. ;)

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned